Clout Cobain Clown (2021)

Acrylic knife application 

Inspired by watching the rapper Denzel Curry's music video, Clout Cobain which brought about a challenge for me to create using only craft knives in under two hours. The freedom and untidiness left behind both a playful yet unsettling effect on the canvas. So much so that my son was deeply unnerved by it and no longer wants it to occupy the wall of his room. This piece inspired the next piece which begins my 2024 collection of painted faces. 

full size 

Nova Girl Clown (2023)

Painting of make up artist @glamby.nova

To be inspired by the other artists. Nova is a make up artist that I have observed getting better and better at her craft . Her Instagram photos are beginning to look like paintings, enough so that I wanted to imitate the look by putting paint onto a canvas. 

Often the art I produce that has not come from a commission, is very reactionary. This piece was borne out of a dispute with a security officer who would not let my sons in the store without them first removing their caps. The store sold caps and utilised a particular demographic as their models but did not hold the same demographic with the same regard when shopping at their stores. A lot of pent up frustration went into each dab stroke of this painting until I began to work on the face and decided it should be a face that silent speaks of both pride, calm and every day struggles.  


King of Caps (2021)

Woman in the Clouds (2020)

We live in a world with a black and brown global majority yet beauty standards are set from a colonialist European standard. This piece was a statement to say that you can not judge melanated beauty from European standards.  

Melanated Beauty, sold (2020) 

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